A Halewood resident has experienced a remarkable transformation in his health since adopting a real food, low sugar diet.

For most of his adult life, David struggled with obesity and type 2 diabetes which he had been managing for over two decades – since 1997.

Things began to change for David when his GP recommended the NHS-trusted Low Carb Program.

David, 67, had faced significant health challenges before joining the program.

He underwent triple coronary heart by-pass surgery in 2007 and had a pacemaker fitted.

Despite these hurdles, his battle with weight and type 2 diabetes continued.

Since his childhood, David dealt with weight issues, often turning to comfort eating.

This pattern extended into his adolescent years, marked by smoking and a lack of physical activity.

Over time, David made gradual lifestyle changes, including cutting out red meat, reducing sweets, abstaining from alcohol, and starting to swim.

However, it wasn’t until he enrolled in the Low Carb Program and participated in a “12 Week Bootcamp” that he saw substantial improvements.

In fact, the virtual bootcamp led to a clinical diagnosis of type 2 diabetes remission after 23 years.

At the start of the program, David’s weight was around 13 stone.

In just a few months, he astonishingly dropped to about 10.5 stone, shedding almost three stone.

David reflects on his past habits, including excessive drinking and late-night takeaways, acknowledging how these contributed to his health issues.

Now, David enjoys a diverse diet, including leafy vegetables, chicken, cheese, berries with cream, and fish, all while keeping his carb intake low.

David commented “I feel that, for me, permanent change is possible. I don’t need medication anymore and I feel fantastic.

“This new lifestyle has not only helped me shed weight but also brought his type 2 diabetes into remission, it marks a new chapter in my life.

“I hope to inspire other people – if I can do it, any one can.”

Editor’s note: The 2024 January Bootcamp is taking place this January. Diabetes.co.uk members can use code NEWYEAR24 for 30% off membership.

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