American singer Usher may have wowed audiences with his physique during his Super Bowl performance, but health experts have reportedly warned how he achieves his impressive shape could be ‘harmful’ to his health.

The 45-year-old singer, who has a world tour coming up, has shared details of how he is preparing for the 80 concerts spanning six countries.

Usher’s regime includes fasting for 24 hours one day a week, replacing coffee with celery juice and lemon water, and practising yoga to “activate” his organs. He also says he spends time out in the sun to raise his body’s “natural heat levels”.

However, one expert has said such dietary practices, when combined with intense physical exercise, could lead to malnutrition because he is not getting enough vital vitamins and nutrients.

There were also warnings about spending prolonged periods in the sun and how it can increase the risk of skin cancer.

Usher described his style of fasting in a recent interview, saying: “I typically try to start around 11pm the previous day, then go the entire day Wednesday just drinking water.”

Fasting while exercising at an intense level is what worries dietitian Dr Carolyn Williams. .

While fasting for 24 hours is not normally an immediate concern, adding in a workout like Usher’s could prove dangerous, she said.

Dr Williams said: “Where I have concerns is if he was doing extensive training for the Super Bowl. If you’re going to fast for 24 hours, you need to go easy on the physical activity.

“Fasting all day with just water and still trying to keep up this workout schedule and everything, that’s not what is generally recommended. When you’re working out like he does, you need more to fuel your body.”

“There’s been a golden health halo around celery juice, and there isn’t really any scientific evidence to suggest that it’s going to turn around your health or prevent cancer or anything like that.”

How celery is processed to make a juice means it loses its fibre, which supports digestion and regular bowel movements.

Recent research has linked not getting enough fibre with an increase in cancer cases among young people.

Dr Williams said: “Fibre is a key nutrient in celery. Eating celery is going to give you the fibre and the hydration and the vitamins and minerals.
“Typically, it’s always better and more nutrient dense when you eat a fruit or vegetable rather than juice it.”

She also questioned Usher’s practice of raising his temperature by spending time in the sun, commenting: “Your body temperature is very highly regulated by things in your body. It wants to stay its normal temperature. I can’t think of any reason from a digestion perspective or a health perspective to do this.

“Longer periods [in the sun] could definitely lead to heat exhaustion, and things like temperature, humidity, and time of day can exacerbate this risk. Any amount of exposure of unprotected skin to direct sun can be harmful and potentially lead to skin cancer.”

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