Robert 'Robin' Daniel Lawrence
Dr. Robert ‘Robin’ Daniel Lawrence

Date of birth:
November 18, 1892

Aberdee, Scotland

Diabetes Type:
Type 1

Dr. Robert Daniel Lawrence was the British equivalent of Dr. Joslin , who dedicated his life to diabetes after developing type 1 during a botched mastoid operation.

Lawrence was among the first to receive insulin treatment, which led him to research how insulin and reduced carbohydrate intake could prolong the lives of people with diabetes.

His book, The Diabetic Life, was easy to read and set achievable targets – a 17th edition was released in 1965.

His three-pronged approach of carb counting , diet management and regular exercise shaped modern diabetes management as we know it.

In 1932, Lawrence established the Department of Diabetes at King’s College Hospital, while he also co-founded The Diabetic Association (now Diabetes UK), where he was chairman until 1961.

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