We are thrilled to reveal that our award-winning Low Carb Program has been given the green light for NHS recommendation following approval by the Quality Institute for Self Management Education and Training (QISMET).

QISMET is a leading accreditation body that supports self-management providers to improve the quality of education available for people living with long-term health conditions. Their approval means that healthcare teams can now officially prescribe the Low Carb Program to patients.

Charlotte Summers, Chief Operating Officer of Diabetes.co.uk, said: “The Low Carb Program has been empowering patients to place their type 2 diabetes into remission for over two years. Type 2 diabetes does not have to be a chronic or progressive disease. We are proud to receive QISMET certification which enables NHS healthcare providers to offer the program to their patients.”

The Low Carb Program is a 10-week, evidence-based structured behavioural change program that helps people to adopt a low carbohydrate dietary approach. More than 40% of people with type 2 diabetes who start the program on medication eliminate a medication from their regime at 1-year. The program has also shown to be hugely cost effective – in just over two years, it has demonstrated a cost saving to the NHS of £835 per person, per year in prescription costs.

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