Over in America yesterday, Adam Lasher was on American Idol. And, although related to Carlos Santana (yes, that awesome guitarist) didn’t need to mention it.

These Shoes

Adam wows the judges – and anyone watching – with his own, original song and some awesome hair.

Watch Adam’s American Idol audition, These Shoes:


Adam Lasher is a 27 year-old singer and songwriter who calls Santana a ‘Jedi with a guitar’. Adam’s pretty talented himself, having performed live with the master on a number of occasions.

Is that your phone?

Adam has type 1 diabetes and when asked whether he’s wearing his ‘phone’ on his neck, explains how his CGM acts as his ‘robotic pancreas’.

Judge Harry Connick Jr knows a little about insulin and asks about how the ‘robotic pancreas’ may work. Adam mentions how his Dexcom G4 checks his blood sugar ‘every 5 minutes’.

Keith Urban also shares his thoughts on how Robotic Pancreas would be a great punk band name.

‘We want to see you and your robotic pancreas again’

Keith Urban’s final words ‘We want to see you and your robotic pancreas again’ could help to raise even more awareness for diabetes – as well as see Adam continue to shine.

Fellow judge Jennifer Lopez doesn’t notice the resemblance between Adam and his uncle. But hey, neither did we. That doesn’t matter – because Adam’s inspirational talent does the talking.

Learn more about Adam here (definitely worth a visit) – and more about continuous glucose monitoring here.

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