Christmas can be magical. But for people with diabetes it can also be an exercise in vigilance. We all know the importance of regular blood glucose testing and medicating accordingly, particularly during Christmas, but what do you do when you see Aunt Gladys tuck in to another piece of Christmas cake and think: “I could go for that”?

Have no fear. We’ve compiled a list of Christmas life hacks for people with diabetes to deter your cravings, inhibit blood sugar spikes and increase your satiety on the big day. Read on…

1. Low-carb snacks

Does the Christmas dinner ever get to the table on time? Snack on low-carb foods like low-salt nuts, deli meats or raw vegetables to prevent your hunger from building.

 2. Have a glass of water before the big meal


This honestly works. It will help reduce your food intake by making you feel full earlier on, reducing your appetite.

3. Commit to a food plan


A few days before the 25th, create a festive food plan. Note how much you intend to eat/drink and stick to it. This will prevent any cravings/poor judgement from getting the better of you.

4. Avoid feeling guilty

If you do stray from your food plan – and it happens – don’t regret it. This will just make you feel worse. If you slip, enjoy it. Just make sure your blood glucose levels are still well-controlled.

5. Avoid temptation

This can be trickier if you’re the chef. But if someone is cooking for you, ask them nicely to keep food out of sight to relieve temptation – foods not in use can be covered up and put away.

6. No booze blues

If you’re wary of alcohol affecting your blood sugar, check out these alcohol substitutes.

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