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Talking about your diabetes can sometimes be challenging. Whether it’s because the people you talk to don’t quite understand you, you don’t feel comfortable or you’re not taken seriously, it can be hard to discuss.

The Diabetes.co.uk forum, Europe’s largest Diabetes Community, is here to help. We don’t judge and are open 24/7. With over 228,000 members, the Forum consists of 1.8 million years of cumulative experience and who better to support you with your diabetes, than someone who knows exactly what you’re dealing with on a day-to-day basis. You can get involved with thousands of threads, from food to blood sugar levels to the type of insulin you’re taking. There’s even a place for you to have a chat about your day and share what kind of music you like to listen to – pretty cool, right?

Take a look at 11 more reasons why you should become a member of the Forum today:

1. Join the UK and Europe’s largest diabetes Forum.

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Every diabetes topic you can think of, we’ve probably got a already got a thread waiting for you.

2. Ask various different questions and find support.

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Any question at all… someone will always be able to help you out.

3. Become part of a community and feel welcomed by over 228,121 members.

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You’ll find yourself feeling a part of a really big family.

4. Share your experiences, stories and whatever else you want.

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Even if it’s to have a rant about any ignorant comments, people in the Forum will share your pain.

5. Join in no matter what time of the day, we’re open 24/7.

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If it’s 3am and you need someone to talk to, the Forum is just a click away.

6. Talk to those who have had similar experiences to you.

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There will most likely always be people in the same boat as you.

7. Get your first response in an average of 4 minutes.

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That’s no time at all!

8. Gain instant access to 1,286,143 Forum posts, 85,296 discussions and 1,019 blogs.

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Plenty of different threads to get involved in.

9. Create your own featured blog.

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Let everyone know how your day went or what spiked your blood sugar at lunch time.

10. Get the Diabetes Forum app on your phone so you can take it on-the-go with you.

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Stuck in traffic on the bus? Good job you’ve got the forum app to keep you occupied, for both Android and iOS.

11. Celebrate your success with people who understand.

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Improved your HbA1c on a low carb diet or recently started on insulin pump therapy? The forum is the perfect place to share how well things are going for you.

You can become a member of the Forum here – https://bit.ly/2jKGiq2

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