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OneTouch VerioPro

OneTouch VerioPro
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The OneTouch VerioPro is a diabetes blood glucose meter that not only records and stores your results but that also helps to make sense of them by spotting trends in blood glucose levels.

The meter will be of particular interest to those with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes who manage their own insulin and are at a higher risk of hypoglycemia

Test strips for the Verio Pro require a very small blood sample size of 0.4 microlitres.

Results are blood plasma equivalent and, thanks to its GlucoFilter technology, the Verio Pro has been found to be one of the most accurate blood glucose meters available.

A meter that spots blood glucose trends for you

To help you maintain the best blood glucose levels, the Verio Pro features an on board high and low blood sugar patterns tool which enables the meter itself to detect trends and notify the user as soon as a pattern of low blood sugar levels is identified.

Identify trends

When such a trend is spotted, the user can view details of when they’ve been going low (or high) on previous days.

Store up to 750 results

The VerioPro can:

  • Store 750 test results
  • Provides a useful set of averages of 7, 14, 30 and 90 days
  • Add pre-meal, post-meal, fasting and before bed tags to results to organise and help analyse results

For further analysis of blood sugar trends, results can be uploaded to your computer by data cable and viewed using the One Touch Zoom Pro Data Management System. The software offers a useful array of different tables, charts and graphs which can be printed out as a report to show your doctor.


In this bag (you wouldn’t know what’s in it as there’s no branding) is actually the latest OneTouch meter from the OneTouch series of meters – the VerioPro from Lifescan.

Inside is your finger pricker, tub of sensors and blood test machine. One of the main issues with the VerioPro is that it’s extremely accurate. It’s a big issue for any of us when we’re blood testing as we’re relying on a machine to tell us our blood test result so that we know what dose we should give to ourselves. I do a lot of blood tests on different machines and it’s amazing how they vary. When I speak to other diabetics, they too start to prefer a main machine and trust it because you become familiar with its reading of your blood and used to accommodating that as a consistency rather than jumping around blood glucose meters.

Accuracy matters for all manufacturers. They need to be able claim accuracy – and stringent tests are done by the FDA in America making sure these machines are accurate enough to qualify to do the job that they are meant to be doing. The OneTouch VerioPro is very accurate.

The sensor has prongs on the bottom and a thinner bit at the top. Gold on one side; white on the other. The prongs go down into the machine, gold side up. A nice little port lights up when you put it in. The channel goes left to right – feed blood in from the side and the VerioPro counts down – and then you have your blood test result.

It asks you immediately if you would like to add a tag. If I say yes, you can choose a tag and press OK. The point of tagging is that you can go back and look at the patterns. In the user manual, there’s a couple of pages that shows you high patterns and low patterns and how the VerioPro demonstrates these.

Another nifty feature of the VerioPro, apart from the light hatch at the top is when you open the battery compartment you see AAA batteries. You don’t need specialist batteries for the VerioPro – so it’s handy as you just need AAA batteries which you can find wherever you are – without needing to panic.

OneTouch Verio Pro: Practicality

Like many of the glucose meters in the OneTouch range, the meter is very easy to set up and use. The Verio Pro comes with a compact and convenient carry case, which allows the user to perform a test without having to take all the kit out separately.

The meter is helpful when it comes to testing in the dark as it has a backlit screen and a strip port light.

As well as only needing small drop of blood, the test strips are also self-coding so no worrying about calibration with each new pot of test strips.


The OneTouch Verio Pro is a reliable, practical and accurate blood glucose monitor.

The small blood sample size will mean less squeezing of fingers and successful tests the vast majority of times. The high and low tool will be particularly useful for people who lead fast moving lives and those who worry about hypoglycemia.

OneTouch Verio Pro best features

  • Instant notifications of high and low blood sugar trends
  • Unsurpassed accuracy
  • Very small blood sample size
  • A range of averages, going up to 90 days

Verio Pro specifications and technical information

  • Strips: OneTouch Verio Pro blood glucose test strips (available on prescription)
  • Batteries: 2 x standard AAA alkaline batteries
  • Data: OneTouch Zoom Pro Data Management System
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP (SP2 or above) and Windows Vista
  • Support: In the UK, call 0800 121 200 and in Ireland 1800 535 676
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