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LifeScan has been a Johnson & Johnson company since 1986, and operate under the J & J credo.

They aim to be fair, honest, respectful and trustworthy in their dealings with customers and communities. Their headquarters are currently based in Milpitas, California with manufacturing facilities in Puerto Rico and Scotland.

Around three million people use their products every day, which are manufactured by more than 2,500 employees worldwide.

In the UK, LifeScan diabetes products are available for purchase from many pharmacies and on NHS prescription.

Throughout the world there are 2,500 LifeScan employees, who supply a broad range of healthcare products that are now highly recommended by doctors, pharmacists and diabetes educators.

LifeScan’s products

LifeScan pioneered blood glucose monitoring through OneTouch Technology, which stopped wiping and timing procedures.

The brand itself offers blood glucose meters , test strips, lancing devices and diabetes management software.

In addition, they offer a point-of-care institutio, which provides a 24-hour Health Care Professional (HCP) Hotline for technical support and regulatory diabetes information.

So far the company has developed the following devices such as:

In the UK & Ireland, LifeScan’s OneTouch brand offer blood testers for insulin users, free of charge from their customer care team. LifeScan also tries to ensure that people are educated about diabetes through detailed knowledge on there website and other facilities such as the hotline.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson head LifeScan and as a company, they research science as well as offer a variety of products and services to advance health for all age groups.

Their current portfolio comprises:

  • The world’s sixth largest consumer health company
  • The world’s largest and most diverse medical devices and diagnostics company
  • The world’s fifth largest biologics company
  • The world’s eight largest pharmaceuticals company

They currently operate in 250 companies across 60 countries around the world employing approximately 116,000 people. Their current headquarters are in New Brunswick and New Jersey in America.

Some of the well-known products they currently deal with are:

  • Listerine – Dental mouthwash products
  • Sudafed – Cough, cold and allergy relief products
  • Visine – Relief product for eye irritation
  • Imodium – Diarrhea relief products
  • Savlon – Antiseptic cleansers
  • Neutrogena – Skin & hair care products
  • Johnson’s skin range – Moisturizers, baby creams

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