Having a healthy eating plan is one of the ways to keep your BMI (Body Mass Index) reading at a normal level.

By deducing food values, you can monitor what portions of food you are consuming, while for people with diabetes, it is additionally important.

Those who medicate carbohydrate portions need this information to prevent their blood sugar levels rising following carbohydrate intake.

Counting carbohydrates

Carbohydrates can be counted in grams, portions or exchanges , so it is important to remember that different values apply for different countries.

In the United Kingdom, carbohydrate portions are measured as 10g per carbohydrate portion. People with diabetes on insulin use this information when calculating meal time insulin doses.

In terms of carbohydrate, one portion is equivalent to 10g of carbs, with food amounts either listed as “per 100g” or “per serving/portion”.

You should not change to another method if you use UK food values as this may require changing your medication to manage your diabetes.

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