Nick Jonas

Date of birth:
September 16, 1992

Dallas, TX

Diabetes Type:
Type 1

The youngest of the Jonas Brothers, Nick, a type 1 diabetic, has used his sudden explosion into the music and movie industry to promote himself as a potential future president of the United States and as a representative for young people with diabetes.

Diabetes talks

He has conducted a number of talks about how he has coped with diabetes as a young adolescent and how he plans to support and represent future diabetes research.

Most recently he has become a diabetes ambassador for Bayer Diabetes Care, in addition to this he as written a book named ‘A Little Bit Longer’ in an attempt to inspire young diabetics to live their lives to the fullest. With the help of his brothers he has founded ‘The Change for the Children Foundation’ and has reportedly given $750,000 to diabetes research and treatment

Charity events

Nick Jonas has the goal of helping children with diabetes, and has set up the Jonas Brothers Change for the Children Foundation. To celebrate the partnership with Bayer Diabetes Care, the company made a donation to the foundation.

Nick, 17, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 13.

He is passionate about sharing his story with other young people with diabetes, because he knows how the condition can cause isolation and even embarrassment.

Nick is taking what he’s learned about diabetes, and passing it on to other people with diabetes.

Nick was reported in diabetes news as commenting: “So many fans with diabetes from all over share their stories and thank me for being an inspiration to them.

Nearly every day I hear from someone like me who says that I make them feel it’s OK to have diabetes and it’s really cool that I can do that. I know I’m lucky because I have a family that encourages me a lot.

I want to give that same inspiration to other kids with diabetes, and working with Bayer lets me do that.”

The Jonas Brothers Change for the Children Foundation donate funds to a variety of causes, including paediatric diabetes research, education and treatment.

Bayer Contour

Nick uses the new Bayer Contour meter to test his blood glucose levels and determine how much insulin he requires to manage his diabetes.

Nick reportedly commented about his CONTOUR meter: “I check my blood sugar level up to 12 times a day so it’s very important that my meter fits with my lifestyle. My new Bayer CONTOUR® meter lets me personalize the settings when I need to test myself before a meal or reminds me to check after a meal depending on my schedule on a specific day.”

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