Team Type 1-Sanofi is a multi-team organisation of amateur and professional cyclists and athletes, many of which have type 1 diabetes.

As well as raising awareness of type 1 diabetes , Team Type 1 provides an opportunity for development and professional success for promising cyclists and athletes with type 1 diabetes.

The team was founded in 2003 by two then college cyclists, Phil Southerland and Joe Eldridge, that both have type 1 diabetes and Joe, now 30, is still a mainstay of the Men’s professional team.

The team grew to be an 8 man team in 2004 and took part in the 2005 race Across America. The race across America is a longer total course than the Tour de France and is completed in fewer days, meaning significantly more miles needed to be completed each day in the Race Across America.

Team Type 1 goes professional

In 2008 Team Type 1 became a professional contender with 4 members of the team having type 1 diabetes. In their year as a professional outfit, Team Type 1 achieved 45 stage victories and achieved the highest ranking team position in the tours of Mexico and Beauce in France.

Team Type 1 is sponsored by Sanofi, the pharmaceutical company that makes Lantus insulin and the iBGStar blood glucose meter

In 2009 the team grew and was able to field the following teams:

  • Men’s Professional Team – 5 riders have type 1 diabetes
  • Women’s Professional Team – all riders have type 1 diabetes
  • Elite team – all riders are strong amateur riders with type 1 diabetes
  • Team Type 2 – all riders and athletes are strong amateurs with type 2 diabetes
  • Developmental Team – 7 riders have type 1 diabetes
  • Triathlon Team – all athletes have type 1 diabetes
  • Team Type 1 Running team – all runners have type 1 diabetes

British Team Type 1 athletes

As well as featuring a full team of women with type 1 diabetes, the Women’s Professional Team also Katie Evans from Britain.

Within the Triathlon team is Gavin Alexander, a young triathlete from Scotland.

In 2011, Gavin won the Scottish schools triathlon in the 15-16 age group.

Diabetes management in Team Type 1

Team Type 1 know that ideal performance is easier to achieve when diabetes is well controlled and have a medical team which helps to ensure safety and optimum performance levels of the riders in their cycling tours.

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