A number of recent diabetes news articles indicate that the diabetes problem is now a truly global epidemic.

Understanding where the problem is at its worst, where the greatest concentrations of diabetics are, and raising awareness are the keys to prevention and the aversion of a future healthcare crisis.

The diabetes epidemic is largely focused around massively increased rates of obesity

Obesity, when left unchallenged, leads to pre-diabetes or metabolic syndrome

Either of these conditions, if not swiftly acted against, can lead to the development of full-blown type 2 diabetes

The diabetes epidemic occurs at different rates throughout the world, with the condition changing in some countries from a minor to a serious problem in a matter of years.

Global diabetes hotspots are at the forefront of the problem, including the USA, China and India, yet diabetes is now truly global.

Some ethnic groups are particularly prone to developing type 2 diabetes, yet it has become apparent that diabetes can strike anywhere.

The following selection of news articles indicates that diabetes is a truly global phenomeno, with no country seemingly safe:

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