Accu-chek Spirit Insulin Pump


The Accu-Chek Spirit is a very small insulin pump that allows the administration of bolus without having to look at the pump.

What’s more, it has a backlight which is very jazzy and a huge memory system to store your readings.

Note that the Accu-Chek Spirit is a previous generation insulin pump. For the latest pump from Roche see the Accu-Chek Insight

Controlling Insulin Delivery

Controlling insulin delivery still happens in the pump, but the Accu-chek Spirit has a remote control too, which means that you can put your pump somewhere in your clothing and send it signals to do an insulin delivery without actually having to pull the pump out to set the dose.

Using a remote can be an advantage, as any pump user will understand (as planning your clothing around pump access can be a pain).

In the case of the Accu-Chek Spirit, this same remote control is also a blood test meter – keeping that aspect of control neatly incorporated.

A pump is an alternative way to delivery insulin – you still need to blood test.

The Spirit Combo insulin pump is part of the Combo range, including the Aviva Combo Blood Glucose Monitor

Accu-chek Spirit Insulin Pump – More Information

  • Dimensions: 82.5 x 56 x 21 mm (3.2 x 2.2 x 0.8 inches).
  • Weight: Empty approx. 80 g (2.8 ounces); insulin pump with battery, full plastic cartridge and infusion set: approx. 110 g (3.9 ounces).
  • Basal Rate: Min. = 0.05 Units/hour (U/h), Max. = 50 U/h. There are 24 hourly basal rates, adjustable in unit increments of 0.01 (up to 1.00 U/h), 0.05 (up to 10.0 U/h) and 0.1 (up to 50.0 U/h).
  • Bolus: Max 50 insulin units; Quick bolus: adjustable in unit increments of 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0; Standard bolus, extended Bolus and Multiwave Bolus: adjustable in fixed increments of 0.1 units; Duration of extended bolus and multiwave bolus: adjustable in intervals of 15 minutes (from 15 minutes up to 12 hours).
  • Cartridges: Accu-chek Spirit 3.15 mL cartridge system and Accu-chek 3.15 mL plastic cartridge with a lure-lock connection;
  • Batteries: one 1.5-volt AA Alkaline (LR6) or lithium (FR6) battery or one 1.2-volt rechargeable NiMH AA (HR6) battery.
  • Infusion Sets: Accu-chek infusion sets with a lure-lock connector (PVC and latex free).
  • Data: Transfer via integrated infrared interface.
  • Support: 0800 731 22 91

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