Lifescan Animas 2020 Insulin Pump
Animas 2020 Insulin Pump


While not a lot of people are on insulin pumps in the UK, their take-up is on the rise as pumps can given greater blood sugar control to certain patients on insulin.

The Animas 2020 is a previous generation insulin pump. For the latest pump from Animas, see the Animas Vibe

Animas from Lifescan

The Animas, part of Lifescan UK (which produces the OneTouch blood test machines) is a small pump, about the size of a mobile phone. And that’s not the only mobile phone comparison – if this was your pump you could compose your own tune or set to vibrate for most insulin pump alert sounds.

Your own food database

You can also create an individualised food database of up to 500 food items right in your pump, and choose your own names for your four basal programs to match your insulin needs, lifestyle and activities (such as ‘weekend,’ ‘holiday’ or ‘going to the gym’).

The pump comes in colours such as ‘pink glow’ and ‘limelight’ – which can match a Lifescan blood test meter – and even the infusion sets come with pink or blue bits.

Part of the marketing states, ‘it takes a thumping and keeps on pumping’.

As it’s waterproof at 12 feet for up to 24 hours, it’s also ideal for swimming, showering or unexpected contact with water.

Sue Marshall

Lifescan Animas technical information

  • Batteries : 1 x AA Lithium (2/pack)
  • Data: ezManager Plus software
  • Support: all 0800 055 6606 for information on how to get an ezManager program and kit
  • Contact: Animas UK & Ireland 0800 055 6606

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