Product guide written by Diabetes Expert: Sue Marshall

Skinnies Diabetic Socks
Skinnies Diabetic Socks


The Care Cycle and Skinwear teams are determined to keep listening to the needs of people needing help with a range of uncomfortable skin conditions and already have a number of new products at the design and test stage.

Class 1 medical device

Classified as a class 1 medical device Skinnies Diabetic Socks has specialist composite yarn used to absorb some moisture while helping retention of emollients and creams to effectively hydrate the skin.

Its properties are such that it also removes any allergenic elements of its construction away from contact with your skin while keeping the foot safe and clean

Allowing blood flow

Skinnies Therapeutic socks do not restrict blood flow but do relieve tired feet and aching legs while protecting your toes.

Their seamless technology, improves comfort and removes risk of blisters and calluses but there is no tight rib on the top edge to cause compression.

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