Maintaining the ketogenic way of eating while being on vacation can sometimes be challenging but preparation can make things easier.

In this guide, we look at different ways to keep up with a high-fat ketogenic lifestyle when travelling

Plan ahead

Do not assume that the hotels or places you’ll be staying at will have ketogenic options or low carb food swaps. However, if you contact them in advance, they may be able to accommodate your diet.

When booking where to stay, you may wish to consider places that offer self-catering or that feature a kitchenette so you can cook some nights.

Most of the major travel sites will have an option to do an advanced search for self-catered accommodation. Another option is to rent an apartment.

You can, for example, make your own dinner from products picked at local farmer’s markets in the area where you’re staying to enjoy the tastes of the local cuisine.

Come prepared

Preparation goes a long way. It’s always good to look up various food places , including restaurants, diners, coffee shops, and grocery stores, when you’re visiting somewhere you’ve never been before.

You can use Yelp or TripAdvisor to get good insights on places people have visited and enjoyed.

You can also plan for the ride itself. Stock up on some healthy ketogenic snacks , such as nuts and seeds, and pack a meal that can fill you up for a few hours, like a frittata.

Shop for groceries

It may sound daunting to stock up on groceries when on vacatio, but it’s the best way to eat well while staying in ketosis.

Typically, hotels will include some sort of breakfast plan They almost always have eggs, bacon and sausage. For the rest of your meals, try to keep it simple and buy staple keto food items, such as avocados, sardines in extra virgin oil, nut butters, cheese and olives.

Make keto coffee on the go

A bulletproof or ketoproof coffee is an excellent way to make sure you hit your fat macronutrient ratio on vacation. It is quick and easy to prepare and you can take it with you on planes, trains, automobiles, even camping.

You’ll just need to grab some unsalted butter, coconut oil and/or heavy whipping cream while grocery shopping. Under hot weather conditions, MCT powder may be more travel-friendly as a creamer for coffee than butter or oil.

You can then portion these out before you start the day and carry it around with you everywhere for a great mid-morning snack.

Eat healthy while eating out

If you’re eating out and decide to have a burger or sandwich, ask for no bun and that it’d be wrapped up in big lettuce leaves instead.

Hold off on pre-made salad dressings, as they often pack a lot of sugar. Ask for a salad without dressing, olive oil, and a bit of balsamic vinegar in order to make your own vinaigrette.

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