Green tea and diabetes diet

A recent study entitled “The Relationship between Green Tea and Total Caffeine Intake and Risk for Self-Reported Type 2 Diabetes among Japanese Adults” has studied the relationship between diabetes and green tea . The study is published in the April issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine .
Previous studies of the relationship between type 2 and different substances have revealed influences on blood sugar and insulin absorption. Diet is one of the principal controlling mechanisms of type 2 diabetes, along with appropriate exercise . Coffee has been identified as having an influence on the body’s ability to process sugar; with one study claiming a higher coffee intake decreases type 2 diabetes risk.
This study aimed to identify links between type 2 and different types of tea.
The study used a respondent group of over 17,000 Japanese people, who started out free from diabetes. The study investigated the group after a five-year period and asked questions about tea consumption. Those members of the group who drunk green tea most frequently were found to be less likely than those who drank under 1 cup of beverages per week. Black and oolong teas were found to have no impact.
Although other factors could influence the risks of diabetes, the findings raise important issues that should be investigated further.

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