Warning about diabetes in Asia

Diabetes is reaching epic proportions throughout the world, but in no place more so than Asia, where it is exceeding the levels forecast by experts. The disease, which is now striking across a whole range of ages in Asia, looks set to explode as we enter the 21st Century. Experts predict that it could become the largest health crisis of the century.
The WHO (World Health Organisation) forecast that cases of diabetes in Asian countries will soar by up to 90 per cent during the course of the next two decades. An Australian expert is quoted as saying “You’re talking about 330 million people affected in the next 20 years. There is nothing like that with Aids or bird flu.”
The concentration of diabetes in Asia is already disturbing, and it play host to four of the five countries with the largest diabetes populations in the world . These are India foremost, followed by China, Pakistan and Japan. In many of the poorer Asian countries, diabetes rates have been found to be similar to many European countries.
Genes, diet and exercise patterns are all thought to be responsible for the surge in cases. Asia needs to take firm preventative action now to save the healthcare systems of the future, experts said.

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