Aim to raise 3 million pounds for diabetes research

News today is that a major campaign will be launched to raise over £3 million to support research into diabetes in the UK. The campaign, which will take place in the Tayside area, will aim to improve the research facilities at the Ninewells hospital in Dundee, and the medical school in the city. Furthermore, research programmes in nearby Angus, Kinross and Perth will also be extended.
£650,000 will come from NHS Tayside, who are to provide funds for the campaign. A tertiary aim of the drive is to make certain that nurses, doctors and other healthcare staff are able to work closely with scientists and researchers. The eventual goal is to improve diabetes treatment.
The campaign will aim to reach its target figure in the next two years, supporting three major initiatives. With a better infrastructure, a better research environment will follow, according to one expert in Dundee. He was reported to have said: “There is an urgent need to strengthen the clinical research facilities across Tayside and Perth for people with diabetes who so willingly support the research effort. Creating an adequate infrastructure will accelerate the research effort, expanding what current researchers are able to achieve and create a research environment which will attract other leading researchers into Tayside.”

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