American Diabetes Association and Novo join together

The American Diabetes Association today announced that it would join forces Novo Nordisk in a bid to fight discrimination against diabetics . Together, the two organisations will form the ADA – Novo Nordisk Legal Advocacy Fellowship.
Novo have pledged a $150,000 grant to the ADA for this express purpose. The fellow will then provide assistance to diabetic people who experience discrimination whether in employment, at homen, at school, in correctional institutions and in public accommodation. Currently, the ADA receives approximately 300 requests for assistance on account of discrimination each month.
Furthermore, the fellow will supervise other projects such as the Safe At School campaign, organized by the ADA and funded by Novo.
Jim Sheha, the vice president of legal, government and quality affairs at Novo Nordisk, reportedly commented: “Novo Nordisk is pleased and proud to support ADA’s efforts to secure fair treatment for people living with diabetes. Changing diabetes is Novo Nordisk’s vision and passion. So it is not enough for us to just provide innovative insulin analogs and insulin delivery systems. We also work in various ways to be a catalyst for the changes necessary to successfully defeat the diabetes epidemic, and one important change is to end unnecessary discrimination against people with diabetes in schools, workplaces, and government institutions.”

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