New genetic flaws identified and linked to diabetes

Diabetic inheritance has hit the headlines recently, with genetic flaws being discovered and linked to the disease . Yesterday, four different scientific teams from around the world confirmed that five genetic flaws were diabetes risk factors, and also identified three new ones.
The fresh discoveries indicate exactly how the body causes type 2 diabetes, and could help to predict who will develop the disease in the future. Once causes have been established, individual treatments can be created that are specifically designed.
Dr. Larry Deeb, the president for medicine and science at the American Diabetes Associatio, reportedly commented: “This is a milestone. We’re moving out of the darkness into understanding a lot more about diabetes.”
The genetic changes that are at the fundamental core of the development of diabetes appear to be being finally understood. Experts estimate that genetic inheritance accounts for about half type 2 diabetes risks, whilst environmental factors such as diet and exercise make up the remainder. The discoveries raise hope for diabetics and healthcare professionals.

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