The leading health non-profit organisation for diabetes, the American Diabetes Association (ADA), has pledged its support for the ‘cover the uninsured week.’ The ADA is committed to supporting research, information and advocacy for diabetics . Cover the Uninsured Week is one way of raising awareness about affordable and adequate healthcare for diabetic people.

The President of Medicine and Science at the ADA, Larry Deeb, highlighted the seriousness of diabetes in a recent statement: “Diabetes has become the greatest health crisis of the first quarter of the twenty-first century. With more and more Americans diagnosed with diabetes or being at increased risk for developing this disease, we need to ensure that proper health care is available to them. We are not meeting this need, and if we continue to ignore this issue, we will be setting up our health care system for failure.”
The ADA run a National Call Centre that receives approximately 600 calls per month based on insurance issues. The ADA can then direct callers to the resources and programs that they need.
Deeb concluded: “The Association’s National Call Center is a powerful example of how ADA is committed to helping individuals with diabetes access the health care that is critical to their ability to stay healthy. This resource has literally served as a lifeline for thousands of Americans who call ADA every day.”

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