Bayer Diabetes Care announce winner of dream fund

Bayer Diabetes Care, one of the foremost diabetes healthcare companies, have announced the latest winner of their Bayer Dream Fund. The company hold an annual contest that give diabetics the opportunity to live a special dream that might not have been possible if they had not been in control of their disease .
Jenna Scarsi, a 30-year old type 1 diabetic, will be funded to tour the country with a program she has created called Lights, Camera, Cure. The program aims to increase diabetes awareness and education around American, as well as empowering young people affected by diabetes.

Lights, Camera, Cure will be held in five cities this year, kicking off with an interactive health fair. Jenna intends to donate all funds raised to local diabetes organisations in each city.

She reportedly commented: “Ever since I was first diagnosed with diabetes I have been actively involved in the diabetes community and I participated in a number of different types of fundraisers . Based on my own experience with diabetes and through my work as a diabetes educator, I saw the opportunity to create a different kind of fundraising event that would involve children and young adults with diabetes, as well as their families and friends. Since I am an avid movie fan as well, I brought together movies, diabetes education and fundraising through Lights, Camera, Cure, a family movie event that everyone can enjoy.”

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