Glaxo facing lawsuit over diabetes drug

The surviving family of a deceased Texas man who took the controversial diabetes drug Avandia at the time of his death through heart attack are suing drug manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline. They claim that the company failed to warn of the risk of death caused by taking the drug.
The lawsuit is not the only one, and Glaxo could be facing a rush of similar litigation following the recent uproar over the drug. At the time of his death, the Texas man was taking Avandamet, a combination drug that contains Avandia.
The law suit reportedly states: “Glaxo knew or should have known that its rosiglitazone drug greatly increased plaintiffs’ risks of having a heart attack and/or other negative cardiovascular consequences or of causing sudden cardiac death.”
Glaxo have not commented on the situation. The drug, which netted them sales of $3.2 billio, may become a deadweight for the company. The lawsuit alleges that Glaxo failed to communicate the risks of the drug.

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