New diabetes glucose website

A new website will make tracking blood glucose levels easier for thousands of type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Sharing data with doctors could be greatly facilitated by the site, and diabetic people and healthcare professionals around the world are expected to welcome the launch., due to be released on the 21st June, is designed to record and track the level of blood glucose amongst individual diabetics, not to mention how much they use their medication, their diet and carb intake, their exercise and also inactivity level. All of this information has a crucial role to play in managing the disease.
SugarStats will be free, and accessible to people everywhere. Marston Alfred, the creator of the site, himself a type 1 diabetic, reportedly commented: “Every diabetic knows they need to keep good records of their blood sugar, their medications, what and how much food they eat, and how much exercise they do. That’s the information they and their doctors need in order to best manage their diabetes.”

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