According to recent research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, diabetics face double of the risk of cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, diabetic patients face a greater risk of illness and death. The news, reported yesterday, is of particular relevance amidst the Avandia/heart disease controversy.
The researchers reportedly commented that: “Globalization of the Western lifestyle led to diabetes mellitus being a major and progressive health care problem worldwide.” Their research certainly indicates that this is so.
Authors of the study reportedly commented: “Women with diabetes had more than double the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and, among those already with cardiovascular disease, mortality compared with non-diabetic women,” the authors said. “Diabetic men, compared with non-diabetic men, had more than double the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and a 1.7 times higher risk of dying once cardiovascular disease was present.”
Furthermore, they reportedly concluded: “Having diabetes at age 50 years and older represents not only a significant increase in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and mortality but also an important decrease in life expectancy and life expectancy free of cardiovascular disease. These findings underscore the importance of diabetes prevention for the promotion of healthy aging. Toward this end, it is essential to implement global strategies to change the current ‘Western’ lifestyle and to promote the adoption of physical activity and healthy diets . Prevention of diabetes is a fundamental task facing today’s society, with the aim to achieve populations living longer and healthier lives.”

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