Diabetes treated with a pill

A baby born in North Phoenix, America, has been diagnosed with diabetes almost at birth. Although the infant appears to be type 1 diabetic, the reality is that he is one of just a few dozen patients in America whose disease is treatable with pills.
The baby, Jose Luis Acia, was diagnosed at four days old. He suffers from a very rare, and recently discovered, form of the disease. He has juvenile diabetes caused by a particular genetic mutation that serves to impair the secretion of insulin.
Jose can be treated with a regime of pills, as opposed to daily insulin injection. The rare form of the disease was only recently picked up on by healthcare experts, and is known as monogenetic diabetes.
The founder of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundatio, Lee Ducat, reportedly commented: “This is the biggest discovery since I started the foundation 37 years ago,” in referring to monogenetic diabetes.

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