New type 2 diabetes pill

A new oral treatment for type 2 diabetes is now available in the UK. The drug, marketed in the UK by Novartis AG, is designed to reduce HbA1c amongst type 2 diabetes when added to standard type 2 diabetic treatment metformin.
Vildaglipti, when used as a treatment for type 2 diabetes, does not lead to weight gain and is also associated with low levels of side effects including hypoglycaemia . The diabetes drug will be available in the UK both alone (as an add-on therapy) and combined with metformin.
The level at which Vildagliptin reduced HbA1c levels is an important part of lowering the risks of diabetes related death, heart attack and other complications.
A GP on the Isle of Wight, Dr. Eugene Hughes, was reported in the news as commenting: “Around 80% of people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are overweight and it is a real concern that the treatments they need to take to control their blood sugar can lead to added weight gain. As an effective treatment without weight gain when used in combination with metformin in clinical trials, Vildagliptin offered a potential solution to this very real problem.”

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