Amylin diabetes drug lowers blood sugar level

According to diabetes news, Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc have released a report that says their once per week Byetta medicine could lead to significant improvements in blood sugar levels . The medication, to treat type 2 diabetes patients, has recently been through clinical trials .
Byetta, chemical name exenatide, was found to drop blood sugar levels by approximately 2 per cent, more than the 1.5 per cent drop reported for the only other approved drug of this class, regular Byetta.
The Chief Executive of Amylin, Daniel Bradbury, reportedly commented: “Exenatide once-weekly is poised to become best in class.” Byetta is under threat from an experimental Roche drug known as liraglutide.
The race is on for pharmaceutical companies to progress diabetes drugs to the next phase of efficiency. A variety of biotechnology and research firms have made important breakthroughs in the diabetes sphere in recent years.

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