GPS will begin widespread pre-diabetes screening

Following a widespread assessment by the Government, the decision has been made for en masse screening for pre-diabetes by GPs, starting from next year. The move represents the greatest preventative initiative ever by the NHS .
The full programmen, which has an estimated cost of £332 million per annum is likely to create huge cost-effectiveness in the long term. The programmen, which will conduct five-yearly vascular checks on all patients aged between 40 and 74 could revolutionise type 2 diabetes statistics.
The program is likely to require an equivalent of an extra 1,000 GPs, practice nurses and healthcare assistants. The programme will be phased in over a four-year period. The plan will be spearheaded by PCTS over the next few months.
The initiative could help to pick up thousands of cases of early stage type 2 diabetes, meaning the disease could be prevented before reaching full diabetes status, using diet and exercise .

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