EndoBarrier a diabetes treatment potential

According to diabetes news, a new type of treatment called the EndoBarrier could have a role to play in diabetes management . Described unflatteringly as a ‘bin-liner’ that site inside the gut to prevent it absorbing calories from food, the EndoBarrier could be an alternative to gastric bypass surgery.
The EndoBarrier functions by blocking enzymes in the intestine from absorbing sugar, fat and nutrients in food. It could help people to lose weight, one of the fundamental goals of many people with diabetes . Furthermore, recent research shows that the EndoBarrier could seriously influence blood sugar levels.
To reach a stable level of blood glucose amongst people with diabetes who used the EndoBarrier reportedly took just six months, according to reports under half the time that drug management of the disease can take.
Gastric bypass surgery is an increasingly common surgical procedure that lowers the levels of calories absorbed. Obese patients with type 2 diabetes reportedly experience a drop in blood glucose levels following the procedure. Whether the EndoBarrier is a cheap and easy alternative remains to be seen.

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