According to new research into blood pressure drug Candesarta, it could cut retinopathy risk amongst people with diabetes . Retinopathy is one of the more serious diabetes complications, a serious condition that can result in blindness . Those people with type 1 diabetes who were given the drug shaved a fifth off their changes of developing retinopathy.
To reach their conclusions, the researchers tested the drug on some 2,000 diabetes patients . Leading UK diabetes charity, Diabetes UK, praised the research and the potential relief it could bring for diabetics .
Care Advisor Libby Dowling reportedly commented: “Diabetes UK welcomes any research that has the potential to bring about safe and effective new medication that will help people with retinopathy. Treatment in the form of drugs would potentially not be as traumatic and time-consuming.”
She reportedly continued: “Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in people of working age in the UK as a result of retinopathy. Research shows that if retinopathy is treated early and adequately, blindness can be prevented in 90 per cent of cases. Diabetes UK is calling on the NHS to ensure that everyone aged 12 and over, diagnosed with diabetes has free retinal screening with a digital camera every year. This simple screening process really could save the sight of hundreds of thousands of people.”

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