Healthy eating champion leads diabetes campaign

Andrew Owen of Lalesto, Bridgend, has become a new ‘media champion’ for Diabetes UK Cymru, following his loss of four stone. Andrew, 45, previously weighed almost 15 stone and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes .
A year ago successful businessman Andrew cut down on binge-eating and ate three healthy meals each day including two snacks. Meals were based on vegetables and lean meat, with any unhealthy food an occasional treat. He slimmed down to 11 stone.
Owen reportedly commented: “I no longer take medication for my blood pressure – something I had to take for seven years. I have no symptoms of diabetes either, which means that while I still eat carefully, I can enjoy a fish and chip supper occasionally. I must admit when I started the diet it seemed like the last chance saloon for me. My wife Bev was getting seriously worried about my health and so was my doctor. There’s a long tradition of men in their 50s and early 60s dying as a result of the conditions I was suffering – and I really didn’t want to be another statistic.”

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