Walk to cure diabetes goes global

The 15th annual walk to cure diabetes has been initiated throughout the world, helping the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) to raise money to try and find a cure for diabetes . Over 5,000 walkers have set off to walk for diabetes, now in its 15th year and gathering momentum.
Thus far, the walk to cure diabetes has provided over $1.6 billion throughout the world, with the walk on Sunday generating some $700,000 to try and find a diabetes cure . One report focused on the RIT campus, where a mother whose son has juvenile diabetes reportedly commented: “We finally got really nice weather, and this is the first year we’ve didn’t have to wear sweatshirts and long johns. We’re thrilled with the number of people here today and we’re grateful that they’re here to support this.”
The future of diabetes research and development relies heavily on this type of fundraising event, and the JDRF are pioneering the pathway to finding a solution for type 1 diabetes .

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