Diabetes experts in Wales have expressed their concern over the number of women diabetics suffering from bulimia, or diabulimia.
Diabulimia is a condition that occurs when diabetics – usually those with the type 1 diabetes stop taking their insulin medication in order to lose weight. Skipping insulin jabs, or manipulating dosage, can theoretically reduce weight but the side effects can be dangerous.
Charity group Diabetes UK and the Welsh government said education for those diagnosed with insulin-dependant diabetes is the key to tackling this serious problem, which affects around a third of young female diabetics .
Dai Williams, national director for Diabetes UK Cymru, said that since 2003 it has been compulsory that anyone given a type 1 diabetes diagnosis is instructed on how to manage the condition.
But he claimed only 2 per cent of type 1 diabetics in Wales are getting the information they need.
“If you don’t understand your diabetes… it’s not just a case of managing it properly, it’s understanding the consequences of mismanaging it, and that’s one of the problems,” he added.
A spokesperson for the Welsh government commented: “It is disappointing so few young people in Wales are accessing structured education about their diabetes.
“The Welsh government is committed to the structured education programme and this will be re-enforced in our new Diabetes Delivery Pla, which will be published for consultation soon. The plan will have a clear aim of improving provision, awareness and uptake of courses across Wales.”

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