Cardio stepper marathon sets world record and raises funds for diabetes

The Bath and Racquets Club in Mayfair, London, has recently challenged its members to a fitness contest destined to raise funds for Diabetes UK.
Participants had to climb as many steps as they could on a cardio stepper machine for an entire day. Among them was Scott Lewis, a personal trainer from Beckenham who has type 1 diabetes.
Lewis is the one who had the idea to organise the event. Him and a team of friends and clients had been looking for a non-conventional way to raise funds.
Diabetes UK and other charities often use marathon runs or bigger sport gatherings as a way to polarise attention. With his audacious initiative, Lewis proved that smaller local events can also be a successful way to raise funds.
The stepper marathon ended up raising £19,000 and setting a new world record for the most feet covered in a 24-hour period, beating the old record by 70,000 feet.
This is an incredible achievement on all accounts, considering that the cardio stepper is one of the most intense fitness machines out there.
“We wanted to do something extraordinary to raise funds – and so we picked the most tortuous piece of gym equipment we could find,” Lewis told Lingfield Today.
It provides a full body workout and for people who aren’t used to it, even five minutes feel like hard work. This tells a lot about the determination and merit of people partaking for the charity on the day.
Claire Lubbock, Diabetes UK fundraising manager, has saluted all of the participants for their efforts: “Every penny raised will help us to support the millions of people living with diabetes in the UK.”
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