A doctor is set to run across Cardiff visiting as many GP surgeries as he can in support of World Diabetes Day.
Dr Sam Rice (pictured), a consultant endocrinologist, will begin his epic challenge at the Diabetes UK Cymru office at 8am on Tuesday 14 November before heading to GP practices all over the city.
Each surgery he visits will receive information about a series of films Dr Rice has developed for staff to pass onto their patients.
The day afterwards Dr Rice plans to run to the Welsh Government to ensure MPs are aware of how widespread type 2 diabetes has become across the country.
Dr Rice said: “I live in Wales and work with people living with diabetes. One in four of us now either has or are at risk of type 2 diabetes and over 40 per cent of our kids over 12 are either overweight or obese and it is these kids who will most likely go on to get type 2 diabetes in the future.
“Diabetes is often a really hard thing to live with that can be associated with some devastating complications. I want to try and do something to raise the awareness of this and to hopefully get people in Wales to think differently about how they live and look after themselves and their families.”
Dr Rice currently has no idea how far he will end up running, but he is hoping to raise at least £675.
A series of challenges, activities and awareness campaigns will take place on World Diabetes Day, a global event run by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). This year’s theme is women with diabetes.
Keep checking our Facebook and Twitter pages ahead of World Diabetes Day to see what we’ve got in store. On World Diabetes Day in 2015 we launched our award-winning Low Carb Program.
To get further involved with Diabetes Awareness Month you can upload selfie pictures and your diabetes stories as part of our #FacesOfDiabetes and #BlueNovember campaigns to encourage everyone to talk more openly about their condition.
Picture: South Wales Guardian

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