After battling with type 2 diabetes for 4 years Connie, 53, has ditched the medication and reversed the condition by losing over eight stone.

Connie, who lives in Sheffield, has lost 51kg by following a strict low carb plan in 2017.

The 53-year-old’s type 2 diabetes was established in 2013 when she weighed over 120kg (19st).

Connie’s diagnosis came after she endured years of being addicted to sugar with all sorts of confectionary never being too far away.

Her sugar addiction would be triggered during the night which meant she regularly had disrupted sleep.

Connie got tested for type 2 diabetes after seeing the doctor about a painful abscess under her arm which was caused by her Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS).

The doctor was concerned about her extreme weight and suggested that she should be examined for type 2 diabetes.

After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Connie found it hard to come to terms with a life that didn’t have sugar in it and this caused her health to deteriorate.

To manage her type 2 diabetes the doctor provided her with a blood glucose meter and put her on the medications Gliclazide and Linagliptin.

After spending three years battling with her weight and type 2 diabetes management, Connie decided to cut sugar out of her life forever in 2016.

Once she took the giant leap into recovery, Connie still craved sugar for two months but soon regained a good sleeping pattern and reduced how much she would sweat.

After months of progress, Connie started a low carb diet in early 2017 to lose more weight and salvage an even healthier lifestyle.

Over a 20-month period on the Low Carb Program, Connie has reduced her weight by eight stone and has come off her medication.

Connie’s transformation has seen her UK dress size go from 20/22 to a 12/14 and her HbA1c is now 20 mmol/mol down from HbA1c of 65 mmol/mol.

Connie said: “I like to think that I’ve saved our NHS thousands of pounds, in both tackling my weight on my own and no longer needing medication for the diabetes itself.”

Editor’s note: the Low Carb Program is a multi-award-winning app for people wishing to have education, support and coaching on how to follow a low carbohydrate lifestyle. Used by over 450,000 people. Learn more here.

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