By Anthony Worral-Thompson and Azmina Govindji (published by Kyle Cathie)

The Diabetes Weight Loss Diet

Kyle Cathie (2008)



The Diabetes Weight Loss Diet is an elegantly presented book combining a substantial amount of dietary advice for weight loss with over 100 recipes.

TV chef Anthony Worral-Thompson is joined by dietitian and nutritionist Azmina Govindji and food writer and consultant Jane Suthering for the book, which contains about 30 pages of dietary advice and a full week’s meal plan for each of a weight loss and weight maintenance regime.

The dietary advice is detailed and laid out in a helpful and informative way.

Weight management and weight loss recipes

The recipes are split into just over 40 recipes for weight management, with the other recipes designed for weight loss.

The dietary info and recipes concentrate on being low in fat, low in salt, high in fibre and with a relatively low GI.

Watch the carbs

Some of the recipes may be a little high in carbohydrates for some but with a bit of tailoring, most of the recipes should be suitable even for those keeping to a reduced carbohydrate diet.

The book is very well illustrated and presented, featuring photographs for every two or three recipes. The recipes include simple to follow methods and nutritional information is supplied for each recipe.

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