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Bayer Diabetes Care is the diabetes division of global healthcare company Bayer. Bayer Diabetes Care introduced the first blood glucose meter, in 1969.

Bayer Diabetes Care profile

Since introducing the first blood glucose meter in 1969, Bayer Diabetes Care have continued to lead the field in diabetes healthcare innovation. Bayer Diabetes Care is one part of Bayer, a global enterprise that specialises in health care, nutrition and high-tech materials.

Bayer Diabetes Care is part of Bayer HealthCare, a company that provides treatments and diagnostics for a variety of conditions. Bayer Diabetes Care have been active in improving diabetes health and testing, developing the first convenient test for glucose in urine in 1941.

Bayer Diabetes Care partner with health care professionals and people with diabetes to create fresh ranges of easy to use products, services and support systems.

Innovative blood glucose monitors

Amongst Bayer’s range of blood glucose meters are the Contour XT and the Contour NEXT USB. These two meters take advantage of Bayer’s Contour NEXT test strips which allow for exceptionally accurate blood glucose results to be obtained.

The Contour XT meter features two levels of usage to suit those that just wish to have basic information and a more advanced level of usage for that want to evaluate their results in greater detail.

The Contour NEXT USB can be plugged directly into a computer, making transfer of data to your computer that much more easy. The meter also includes the chance to mark your carbohydrate intake at each meal; perfect for those of us that rely on carbohydrate counting as part of our diabetes control.

Bayer Diabetes Care have the fundamental aim of improving their services to individuals with diabetes, and healthcare professionals, all over the world. Bayer Diabetes Care support a number of diabetes charities to underline their commitment to making a difference.

Bayer’s community initiatives

Other initiatives to help the diabetes community include the Around U Sports Currently they have organised various football and dance events for young people with diabetes. The aim of such events is to show youngsters with diabetes that they can still have fun.

There have been four separate days over the past year in order for people to get information and share advice in an active way with people the same age.

Locations have included the Pineapple Dance Studios and the London Soccerdome and Bayer offers three different websites for information on diabetes that are suitable according to your age group such as ages 3-9, 10-14 and 15+.

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