Directly checking your blood glucose on your smartwatch could soon be a reality.
Directly checking your blood glucose on your smartwatch could soon be a reality.

As the popularity of smartwatches continue top researchers say they are one step closer to manufacturing a pioneering diabetes device that can be fitted inside one.

It is thought that once the Afon device hits the shelves it will be the first non-invasive, real-time continuous glucose monitor that can be worn conveniently on the wrist.

Clinical research carried out on the technology has shown the product could prove to be hugely beneficial in altering users when they have high and low glucose levels.

Principal investigator at the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Medicine (AMC-UvA) and Professor de Vries, who was involved in the research, said: “We evaluated the Afon device under both hyper-and hypoglycaemic conditions during the clinical trials and we were surprised and excited by the possibilities of this technology.”

The next stage is to continue with more clinical research with developers saying the device could be made commercially available by next year.

Based in Wales, CEO of Afon Technology, Sabih Chaudhry said: “Our taskforce of experts are world-class and together we’re proud to be developing a global first. Our recent clinical trials have gone really well, and we’re excited to be bringing this device, which is the next big thing in diabetes technology, to people very soon.

“Diabetes can be incredibly limiting to someone’s life, but we believe we’ve created a device which will provide the wonderful feeling of freedom all wrapped up in a watch on the wrist.”

Diabetes technology has evolved significantly in recent years, with many people’s lives improving since the FreeStyle Libre was introduced and Low Carb Program was made available on the NHS Apps Library.

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