New research has identified that older brains tend to have difficulties retrieving memories due to storing a lifetime of knowledge.

Academics from Columbia University, Harvard University and the University of Toronto have found that remembering past experiences becomes harder as you age because the brain is full of knowledge.

However, the wisdom of an older brain improves decision-making and creativity, latest research has reported.

During the trial, the team of academics examined the findings of multiple behavioural studies to assess whether the cognitive ability of the brain declines as you age.

They found that memory retrieval was worse amongst older adults. In addition, they discovered that older brains took longer to process information.

The findings also show that there are benefits to a crowded brain, which is a common feature of an older brain.

According to prior research, older adults use their knowledge more than younger adults when completing cognitive tasks.

The scientists state: “Evidence suggests that older adults show preserved, and at times enhanced, creativity as a function of enriched memories.”

The team of academics are now focused on developing research to improve the cognitive ability of older people.

They said: “It is possible that the increased binding and richer encodings of older adults can even be leveraged to improve older adults’ learning and memory.”

During the memory retrieval process, the brain filters through the different elements stored in it to find the relevant material, with this process becoming slower with age.

The study has been published in the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

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