2017 was an incredible year for the Diabetes Forum. First we celebrated the milestone of reaching 250,000 forum members, then a University of London study demonstrated how the Forum empowers wellbeing among our users.

The Diabetes Forum continues to be place of support, collaboration and teamwork, and we thank you all for your contributions, however big or small.

As we near the end of the year, catch up with the 10 most popular Forum posts of 2017.

1.   Parking fine for treating hypo

“Today I received a £70 parking fine from a private company for overstaying by 20 minutes. My reason for overstaying was because I was treating a hypo.”

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2.   Taking back control

“On July 27 2017 I stopped all medication, and on 15 Sept 2017 my HbA1c was 41 mmol/mol (5.9%). I hope that this inspires others to take back control.”

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3.   Workplace discrimination

“My boss pulled me into the office and said, ‘I’m gonna be blunt. I just don’t understand your condition or why it is such an effort for you to manage it.’”

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4.   Cannabis use and diabetes

“I am aware of the dangers linked with cannabis, and personally I am comfortable with my judgement. I just wanted to get some views on smoking as a type 1.”

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5.   70 years with type 1

Ray Burrows celebrated 70 years living with type 1 diabetes earlier this year. He attributes his success to flexible eating and regular exercise.

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6.    Advised to reuse lances

“At a recent appointment with my diabetic nurse I was told I could reuse my lancets. Is that really right?”

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7.   Worst review with DSN

“My appointment today with the DSN to discuss my high blood sugars went nowhere. I feel so angry right now, they are just not listening to me.”

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8.   BG from 21.5 to 10.4 after exercise

“My blood sugar was 21.5. I read exercise can lower blood sugar so this morning I went for a 4 mile run and after half an hour my BG was 10.4.”

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9.   Metformin and vitamin B12

“Can the metformin SR cause my vitamin B12 deficiency? I have been having headaches, am always tired, and developed a life-threatening allergic reaction called anaphylaxis.”

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10. Awkward avocados

A US post showing ‘Awkward Avocados’ sparked a fascinating conversation about ripeness and textures of the superfood.

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