Diabetes Week

Diabetes Week Events

Diabetes Week Events

As usual, the scale and diversity of Diabetes Week events are really exciting, with UK wide fundraisers pulling out all the stops.

Diabetes Week is a truly nationwide phenomeno, with events happening the length and breadth of the UK. Check out the events below to see just how varied it gets!

Diabetes Week 2012 Events

Diabetes Week 2012 events include:

World Record Attempt

On Monday 11th of June, Diabetes UK will be aiming to set a world record for the most waist circumference measurements taken in 8 hours.

To take part in the world record attempt, get down to London’s Southbank between 8.30am and 4.30pm at the Observation Point, Gabriel’s Wharf.

Throw a party

Don’t throw away all the knick knacks from the Jubilee Weekend, you can put those tablecloths to good use again for a Diabetes Week party.

Parachuting and Skydiving

Hundreds of people around the UK will be taking part in charity skydiving for Diabetes UK Jump this June!

Swimming events

The Great East Swim in Suffolk is happening on Saturday 16th June. Cheer on those that are taking part for diabetes charities.

Bike Rides

Bike rides are a great way to celebrate Diabetes Week 2012.

This year, numerous cycling events are taking place all over the country. Diabetes Week cycling events include the Arran Bike’n’Hike Challenge. You can either choose to cycle 55 miles around the Isle of Arran or climb Goat Fell, the island’s highest peak at nearly 3,000 feet high.

For those in or around London, take part in the Night Rider event, which is a charity bike ride at night.

Sponsored Walks

One of the core fundraising events for Diabetes Week, sponsored walks will take place in many locations throughout the UK. Every one, no matter how small, will help to raise vital funds for Diabetes UK.

Most sponsored walks are free to enter and have an inclusive, family atmosphere.

Walk for Diabetes

This type of event takes the place of Walk the Extra Mile from last year. Walk for Diabetes events take place in beautiful areas such as Evesham.

Awareness Promotion

Community awareness events are typically held in partnership with public bodies, to promote and raise awareness of how serious diabetes can be.

Diabetes Week 2012 includes an Evening with Diabetes UK’s Chief Executive Baroness Young in King’s Lynn.

Zip Slide

If you’re in Newcastle on Sunday 17, look out for the 230m zip slide taking place across the Tyne from the Tyne Bridge.

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