The Abbott FreeStyle Libre 2 can be used as a real-time continuous glucose monitor (CGM) with an upgrade to the FreeStyle LibreLink app.

Please note, the below information comes with a critical update for iOS users in the UK.

Important notice for iOS users: As of 14th July 2023, Abbott has temporarily withdrawn the FreeStyle LibreLink app from the iOS App Store, due to issues arising during the upgrade process to the latest version (FreeStyle LibreLink 2.10). Anyone affected by this can reach out to Abbott UK’s customer service team on 0800 170 1177. Read more about this issue on the forum.

Should you need to reinstall your FreeStyle LibreLink app on an Apple device, please be aware those with LibreView accounts will have access to data but those without an account will lose access to historical data within the app, and you will need to initiate a new sensor after reinstalling the app.

Upgrade for a real-time CGM

Abbott recently unveiled an upgrade to the FreeStyle LibreLink app, enabling FreeStyle Libre 2 users to experience the benefits of a real-time continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

This significant development follows our funded research last year, which showcased the profound effect of Flash glucose monitoring on blood glucose levels and quality of life for individuals with type 1 diabetes.

Until now, Libre 2 users needed to scan a device (either a smartphone or the FreeStyle Libre 2 reader) over the sensor to check glucose levels.

The new upgrade empowers the sensor with real-time CGM functionality, allowing glucose levels to automatically display on your smartphone via Bluetooth transmission.

While you can still opt to scan the Libre sensor manually, this update eliminates the necessity to do so. However, this enhancement will not apply to those who utilise the Libre reader for glucose level monitoring.

According to Abbott, this capability of obtaining minute-by-minute glucose readings will boost people’s confidence in managing their diabetes, helping them detect and address changes in their glucose levels swiftly, thus averting potential issues such as hypoglycaemia or extremely low blood glucose.

How do I get this software update?

To enjoy the automatic real-time glucose readings, you must upgrade your FreeStyle LibreLink app to version 2.10.

The update is now available for both new and existing Android users of the LibreLink app in the UK and Ireland.

  • iOS: For Apple users, a little patience is required. As mentioned above, the new update has been paused temporarily on iOS only.
  • Android: Users of the LibreLink app will be alerted about the update via email and an in-app notification.

Furthermore, parents and caregivers can also receive this update and automatically get their child’s glucose readings through the LibreLinkUp caregiver app, which needs to be upgraded to version 4.7.

Replace your sensor

Upon updating the app, please note that you can only start receiving automatic glucose readings once you replace your sensor.

Remember, even with this update, the option to manually scan the sensor remains, offering flexibility to your glucose monitoring routine.

While the update is highly beneficial, installing it is optional. You can choose to either adopt the real-time glucose readings or continue scanning your sensor manually.

See what others are saying about the FreeStyle Libre in the forum:

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