People with diabetes who become pregnant often need to understand how to manage their diabetes during pregnancy.

Similarly, those who develop gestational diabetes need to know how medication such as Metformin can affect them.

Is Metformin suitable for women who are breastfeeding?

During pregnancy , control of diabetes is often achieved using insulin, as this provides stable blood glucose levels. Some medicines should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

If you are pregnant, or are planning a pregnancy, always inform your doctor before using any medicine, including Metformin.

The manufacturer of Metformin advises people with diabetes not to take this medicine whilst pregnant.

So is Metformin safe during pregnancy?

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence advise that metformin is both safe and effective during pregnancy.

For those women with type 2 diabetes who were taking Metformin before pregnancy, it is considered safe.

However, this should be discussed with your doctor.

What about Metformin and breastfeeding?

Metformin, like many medications, may pass into breast milk in very small quantities. NICE also recommend that taking Metformin is safe during breastfeeding.

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