If you have a problem remembering to take your tablets, you’re far from alone.

Many of us on tablet medication will have had instances when we forget, or keep forgetting, to take our tablets.

This guide points you in the direction of what to do if you have missed a dose of tablets as well giving suggestions to help you remember to take tablets on time.

I have forgotten to take my tablets, should I take them now or wait until the next dose?

This will depend on the type of tablets you have.

Some tablets may allow you to take a missed dose as soon as you remember but for other tablets, it may be advised to wait until your next dose.

Your medication should come with a patient information leaflet which will usually let you know what to do if a dose is missed. It’s useful to keep this leaflet either with your tablets or in a safe and memorable place.

If you cannot find the patient information leaflet, call NHS Direct on 0845 4647.

What may cause tablets to be forgotten?

Reasons for forgetting tablets may include:

Knowing the cause of forgetting to take tablets can be helpful in recognising and avoiding the problem in future.

How can I remember to take my tablets on time?

If you have your tablets just before or at meal times, you may wish to keep your tablets in a place you won’t be able to ignore them such as in the middle of your dining table or on top of your dinner plates.

Set up an alarm. Many mobile phones these days have a reminder feature and most mobile phones at least have an alarm feature. If you don’t have or use a mobile phone, you could use a portable alarm clock or set an alarm on your watch.

If you take your tablets at work in an office , you may wish to set up a reminder on your computer or laptop.

Did I take my tablets or not?

It is relatively easy to take tablets and, soon after, not remember whether you took them or not.

This can be quite worrying if you’re then in a position where you risk perhaps missing out on a dose or risk taking a double dose.

Organising your tablets at the start of each day can be a good way to keep on top of your doses.

You may want to keep a separate for one day’s tablets, this will make it much easier to see whether the right tablets have been taken.

One system that helps in this way is a system called NeedleBay which is designed to be useful for people who take either injections or tablets.

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