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Every digital Diabetes Cookbook below is free
Every digital Diabetes Cookbook below is free

Finding tasty diabetes recipes can be hard. The Diabetes Cookbook 2015 is free cookbook that provides delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Diabetes Cookbook 2015 is part of a collection of over 10 cookbooks published digitally by All of our cookbooks are completely free to download and updated annually.

Currently, we do not sell physical copies of any cookbooks, although they are available on Google Play and Amazon Kindle Store for purchase.

Physical copies of the Diabetes Cookbook will be available from mid-2015.

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Read blurbs for each of the Diabetes Cookbooks published in last 12 months below - and download as many as you want!

Diabetes Cookbook 2015

2015 is a new year, and with it comes the newest cookbook for all your cooking needs. The subject of food and diet can be a crazy maze for people with diabetes, but with the 2015 cookbook as your guide, you won't get lost.

This cookbook is packed with 40 recipes, over half of which are vegetarian and has all the low sugar and low carb recipes you need to spice up your menu throughout the year.

The range of dinners included in this cook book will have something to please everyone, while still remaining low carb and low sugar. A great example of the changes made to traditional recipes is the potato-less Shepherd's Pie, which substitutes high-carb potato with mashed carrots and swede which is healthier and lends to better blood glucose control.

It can be tough for diabetics who have a sweet tooth, but the 2015 Cook Book has 10 delicious deserts to tuck into, which will have a lower effect on your blood sugar than desserts. Love ice cream? There are two delicious low carb recipes to make your own at home.

Back To School

Getting kids geared up to go back to school can be tricky at the best of times, a stress which is sometimes made much worse by the complication of diabetes.

By suggesting homemade alternatives to kids' favourite foods, not only can your children enjoy the things all their friends are eating, but by making some subtle changes, they can enjoy them without risking blood sugar spikes.

Dessert Cookbook

Everybody loves a tasty dessert, but unfortunately for diabetics, desserts usually come with high levels of sugar and can lead to high spikes in blood glucose levels. Don't worry though! To satiate that sweet tooth and make sure you aren't left out when the cakes get passed round, have put together a cookbook full of diabetes friendly desserts that you can try out.

Barbecue Cookbook

Nothing says summertime like a good barbecue, and the Barbecue Cookbook contains eleven 'On The Grill' recipes, eight homemade sides and dips, six different salads and five refreshing drinks for you to make, so you can enjoy the sunshine to the full while keeping your diabetes happily under control.

Christmas Cookbook

The Christmas collection of recipes from contains twenty six recipes which will help your festive period be tasty, filling and healthy.

This Christmas cookbook has already had over 30,000 downloads which means that so many people have found it useful, healthy and helpful for Christmas recipes galore!

Pancake Day Cookbook

Pancake Day is usually a day of too much sugar and sweet things. People with diabetes can feel left out, unable to join in, in the name of sensible blood glucose control. But with these special recipes that use intelligent ingredient alternatives, you can fully enjoy the wonderful tastes of Pancake Day too.

Summer Cookbook

With a focus on healthy breakfasts, light lunches and heartier dinners, this recipe book is tailored for the long, hot, summer days. The 33 recipes included have been put together so that they are low in carbs, while still being tasty. There are six interesting and fresh breakfast choices, twelve tasty lunches, including three vegetarian dishes, and fifteen whole dinner recipes.

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