Slimming clubs have really taken off within the last decade with more people signing up each year.

Losing weight on your own is possible but can be more challenging, particularly from the motivational aspect than taking part in groups.

How can slimming clubs help?

Slimming clubs have become very popular because they can provide a multi-faceted approach to losing weight.

It’s not just about diet, exercise or motivation but putting these all together.

Here are some of the ways slimming clubs can help:

  • An organised and tested approach to diet
  • Weekly activity targets
  • Personal support from a weight loss leader
  • Group support
  • Motivation and confidence to succeed

Slimming club diets

The principles that slimming club diets are based on are relatively similar but each plan has its own features and approach.

Some plans may be more regimented and encourage you to stick closely to a set regime which may be the kind of plan you need.

However, you may be someone who values a plan that allows a little more leeway on individual days as long as it is made up for across the week as a whole.

Slimming clubs and the NHS

The NHS recognises the potential of slimming clubs and has been referring patients to slimming clubs to help patients succeed in losing weight.

NHS referral schemes have involved WeightWatchers, Slimming World and Rosemary Conley, which we will look at below.

Local slimming clubs

There are literally thousands of slimming club groups, meetings and classes taking place each week in the UK so it should be possible to find a local meeting relatively close by.

Are there slimming clubs for men?

Whilst slimming clubs do tend to attract more women, the main slimming clubs cater for men and women alike.

Which is the best slimming club?

The best slimming club for you will depend on your own personality and which programme suits you.

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